Hi! I'm Haley.

I am a UX designer in Cincinnati, currently rocking out with some talented designers and developers over at Gaslight. More importantly, I am a new mom.

I graduated from Miami University (Love and Honor!), where I studied graphic design and marketing. When I am away from the screen, I'm kayak fishing with my husband/fellow Hobie Fishing Team member and aspiring to be as amazing of a cook as my mother. I am Co-President of AIGA Cincinnati, where I get to hang out with local creative professionals and all around awesome people in the area. 

Full disclosure: The purpose of this site is to show my loving grandmothers the type of art that I create these days. The scope of "art" has changed immensely from the high school days of dramatically lit still life watercolor paintings. I do, however, still miss my days in metals studio. Soldering is my jam. Coincidentally, my favorite food is also jam. Fire is also sweet. 🔥