I feel like no one adequately explains what "let-down" is before baby comes. Let-down is when your body releases milk. When nursing or pumping, you let-down in waves; it is not a constant stream of milk. This is why baby sometimes will pull off or choke on milk, because let-down released a lot of milk and sometimes it is too fast for baby to swallow.

On Breastfeeding

  • The more they suck the quicker your milk will come in. First day does not really hurt, its just weird. It hurts after a little while, but just hang in there. 
  • People might tell you that "breastfeeding shouldn't hurt" and they are liars. 
  • It doesn't hurt after the 2 week period, but it does until then. 
  • I got frustrated thinking that I wasn't doing things right. The nurse was trying to show my tips and tricks, which is good. There may be better or worse ways to breastfeed, but just remember that the baby and you have to learn together what works best for the two of you. Don't let yourself get upset thinking the baby is upset or you're not doing it right - thats not whats happening.
  • Stick it out for the 2 weeks if you can. And if it doesn't work out, formula is great too. There are not wrong ways to feed your baby.

Tips on getting started pumping:

  1. Start with just one side at a time. 
  2. Wear a sports bra or nursing bra. You can put the pump on from above the bra and have the bra hold the pump in place. 
  3. Wear a nursing pad on the side that you are not pumping, you’ll leak! (all the leaking really goes down later. i don’t wear nursing pads at all now)
  4. If you are trying to “empty” one side, pump for at least 15 minutes. you let down in waves, so milk will come out, then stop for a couple minutes, then come out again. let the pump keep going even if you think you’r empty. theres almost always more in there.
  5. You’ll only have a tiny bit of milk in the early days. so if theres only a half ounce, thats ok! don’t get discouraged. more will come as she needs more milk. in the same amount of time i would pump 1 oz in the early days i can pump 6 now (when full)
  6. Keeping a burp cloth or paper towels nearby is helpful



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